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Orthopedics and Sports Medicine



Tendonitis, fractures, sprains, and heel pain problems are seen in our office on a daily basis. Dr. Dorn takes an individual approach for each condition in order to restore normal function as quickly and safely as possible. Additionally, advice and treatments are prescribed to prevent recurrences of these injuries.


Sports Medicine

Dr. Dorn has expertise in the fitting of custom modeled orthotics (shoe inserts) which are used extensively to align and support the foot and entire lower extremity and which aid tremendously in the prevention of injury. Correction of foot alignment not only resolves foot pain issues, but in many instances, also alleviates problematic conditions of the knee and hips. This is especially true for athletes. Gives us a call today at 219-322-4066 or fill out our contact form here to schedule your appointment and learn more about what we have to offer today!

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"The special shoe inserts that Dr. Dorn made for me took away my pain and allowed me to resume running"
- Darlene, Munster, IN